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Recharger des cartouches à domicile, c’est facile !

Refill your inkjet cartridges at home with Eco’ RECHARGE

Refilling inkjet cartridges at home becomes easy. With Eco’ RECHARGE you can refill a cartridge in just 4 steps :

  • Insert your ink cartridge into the box
  • Press the ink sachet into the space provided on the box (remember to remove the aluminium tab)
  • Wait 3 minutes without pressing the ink sachet. when the cartridge is full, the ink stops flowing.
  • Remove your sachet and your ink cartridge and clean with the blotting paper if necessary.

Changing your inkjet cartridge with Eco’ SIM

To change the Eco’ SIM cartridge, slide and remove the chip from the empty cartridge and place it on the full cartridge.

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