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Eco’ IMPRESSIONS : Solutions for refilling inkjet printer cartridges.

Eco’ IMPRESSIONS offers alternative solutions for your inkjet cartridges:
ECO’ SIM cartridges and the Eco’ RECHARGE refilling kits to use on HP and Canon cartridges.


Transform your empty cartridges into ready-to-use cartridges in just a few steps with the Eco’RECHARGE box and ink sachets.

Eco-recharge : refill you inkjet cartridges easily.

Refill your empty cartridges in just a few steps with the Eco’ RECHARGE box and ink sachets.

Contents of the refilling kit

There are 2 refilling kits: one to refill your black cartridges and one to refill colour cartridges. These kits can be used to refill HP and CANON cartridges. Click here for the full compatibility list (link to compatibility list). This refill kit is delivered with everything you need to refill your cartridge..

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When your Eco’ SIM cartridge is empty, recover the chip and insert it into a full Eco’ SIM cartridge.

The advantage :
Using a single chip reduces the environmental impact and the manufacturing cost…
and therefore the sale price !
Eco-sim: Change inkjet cartridges differently.


Just one SIM for several cartridges.

When your Eco’ SIM inkjet cartridge is empty, recover the chip and insert it into a full Eco’ SIM cartridge.

The economical and environmentally-friendly advantage

Using a single chip reduces the environmental impact and the manufacturing cost…and therefore the sale price !

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  • Cartridges and refilling kits to protect the environment

    An environmental impact to be reduced

    Over 1.1 billion cartridges are used each year. This consumption of cartridges represents 60,000 tonnes of waste in Europe alone. This waste is toxic and non-biodegradable.
    Reusing cartridges is the solution to reduce this waste. In Europe this waste could be reduced by up to three times the weight of the Eiffel Tower !

    The Eco’ IMPRESSIONS solutions are designed to reduce the environmental impact of cartridges

    Eco’IMPRESSIONS solutions make it possible to limit the manufacture of the components to reduce the environmental impact linked to the manufacture of the products and the waste they cause.

  • It is possible to buy cheaper cartridges !

    The prices of OEM cartridges are high. The cost of buying all the cartridges for you printer is often the same as the price paid for the printer itself.

    Eco’ IMPRESSIONS offer cartridges at a lower cost.

    Eco’ IMPRESSIONS solutions have been specially designed to offer you a real economic alternative: cheaper to buy and reusable !

    High-quality kits for your printing

    Quality has not been overlooked :

    • The ink in the cartridges and refill kits is suitable for printers.
    • Our cartridges are of equivalent or even better quality.
    • Our sachets are covered with plastic protection.
  • Recharger des cartouches à domicile, c’est facile !

    Refill your inkjet cartridges at home with Eco’ RECHARGE

    Refilling inkjet cartridges at home becomes easy. With Eco’ RECHARGE you can refill a cartridge in just 4 steps :

    • Insert your ink cartridge into the box
    • Press the ink sachet into the space provided on the box (remember to remove the aluminium tab)
    • Wait 3 minutes without pressing the ink sachet. when the cartridge is full, the ink stops flowing.
    • Remove your sachet and your ink cartridge and clean with the blotting paper if necessary.

    Changing your inkjet cartridge with Eco’ SIM

    To change the Eco’ SIM cartridge, slide and remove the chip from the empty cartridge and place it on the full cartridge.